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Help Me Devvon - EQ Guide Mouse Pad

Help Me Devvon - EQ Guide Mouse Pad

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This one of a kind EQ guide mouse pad was designed by Help Me Devvon and Ya Help Me to help producers and engineers physically see what happens to vocals and instruments when you cut or boost certain frequencies. 


Rubber Mouse Pad Mat

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Our mouse pads are made with non fade rubber mats and need little to no care.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Edgar Santiago
    It’s Perfect

    I have no gripes. The picture is awesome and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Willie Jackson Jr
    Revolutionizing Mixing: A Game-Changer in Studio Workflow

    The mouse pad is excellent! It speeds up my workflow in the mixing process by showing me which problem frequencies to subtract and which frequencies to boost. Coupled with Help Me Devvon's compressor and Rosetta EQ, I am now more knowledgeable about what those plugins are doing and what I am doing with my mix, especially in the EQ department. Thanks, bro!