Cook Up INSANE Sounding Beats with 101 PREMIUM One-Shots!

Get 101 One-Shots for $2

What Makes One-Shots So Great?

  • Save CPU
  • Create Original Sounding Chord Progressions
  • No Need for VSTs
  • Royalty Free
  • Compatible with ANY DAW

What's Included? πŸ‘‡

  • 12 basses
  • 12 chords
  • 12 drums
  • 10 FX
  • 19 instruments
  • 12 pads
  • 12 synths
  • 12 vocals

About Larry

Larry Ohh has over 17 years of experience using FL Studio. He has used his experience to put together a premium collection of melodic and drum one-shot samples. Every sample was manually selected to be part of the "101 One-Shots" pack, now available for just $3!

"The overall statement that I live by is: if I'm going to create a product and present it to the producer community, it HAS to help. Everything you see here in my store is something I've always wanted to use and do use on a daily basis in my own workflow."

Get 101 One-Shots for $2

60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.