FL Supercharged⚡

Release Date April 21st

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*Contains a selection of the content included with FL Supercharged.

What FL Supercharged is about

Take your WORKFLOW to the NEXT LEVEL

  • Learn how to make BETTER music in LESS time
  • Become more efficient and get the maximum out of your ideas

Achieve the PRO SOUND with STOCK plugins

  • Learn how to use FL Studio stock plugins to achieve a polished sound
  • No additional software needed: stock and free plugins only

18+ YEARS of experience & 30 MILLION streams

  • Larry's 18+ years of FL Studio experience in a comprehensive course
  • Larry put in the 10,000 hours, so you don’t have to!

Learn FL 21’s NEW features

  • Learn the ins and outs of FL 21’s brand new features and plugins
  • Get a head start by using the latest tools

Turn your ideas into GOLD

  • Learn mind-blowing production tricks and techniques
  • Broaden your production skillset

 FL Supercharged comes with:

8 Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1

Hidden Gems - FL Studio Course

Discover the FL Studio techniques the pros don't tell you about! This course is packed with game-changing tricks, techniques and methods for FL Studio producers.

Bonus #2

Q&A & Feedback Session

Ask questions and get feedback on your music during our student-only Q&A & Feedback session. Guaranteed to get your questions answered!

Only 100 tickets available.

Bonus #3

Spark - FL Studio Preset Pack

A collection of plugin presets and effects chains to help you achieve results even faster! No matter how great you are at sound design, high-quality presets can help speed up your workflow and get more original results.

Bonus #4

Ignite - Sample Pack

Having a go-to sample collection you can rely on is invaluable. With the FL Studio Essentials Course, you get access to Larry’s personal collection of samples!

Bonus #5

17 FL Studio Productivity Templates

The key to a fast workflow is an optimized template. We’re taking this burden off your shoulders with this collection of mixing, mastering, and vocal templates.

Bonus #6

10 FL Studio Songstarter Templates

Our songstarter templates provide a framework for you to work out your beat ideas. Every template comes with a tested combination of sounds and a laid-out song structure. This allows you to focus on your musical idea, without worrying too much about sound selection and arrangement in the early stages of the creative process.

Bonus #7

27 FL Studio Themes

27 beautiful dark themes for FL Studio. We know that looks aren’t everything, but it’s nice if your DAW inspires you.

Bonus #8

FL Studio Cheatsheet Wallpapers

Your FL Studio background is free real estate! We created a number of productivity-boosting wallpapers that assist you with music theory and FL Studio shortcuts.

Bonus #9

$25 Ya Help Me Gift Card

You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Ya Help Me store! Take a look and explore the catalog we’ve built up over the years or save it for upcoming products!

Only 100 gift cards available.

FL Supercharged⚡

Release Date April 21st

Download free lite pack

*Contains a selection of the content included with FL Supercharged.