"The ONLY One Shot Pack You'll EVER need!"

1001 ONE-SHOTS is a limited release - only 300 licenses available

What's in 1001 One-Shots?

68 Basses

145 Chords

142 Drums

55 FX

42 Bells

45 Guitars

27 Horns

80 Keys

82 Strings

50 Winds

80 Pads

110 Synths

75 Vocals

Demo Track 01

Demo Track 02

Demo Track 03

Demo Track 04

Why do top producers Prefer one-shots?

Easy to




Unlike plugins, with one-shots you can easily alter, manipulate, and warp your sounds to give you a completely unique sample using stock or 3rd party FX.





sounding chord progressions

Using one-shots as an alternative to VST plugins will give you a sound a texture that is unmatched! With different warping and time stretching capabilities, you'll be able to give your chord progressions and melodies a "one of a kind" vibe.

Great for

playing leads

Just like using one-shots for chords, they're awesome for writing and playing out lead melodies! With our fully processed one shots, just drag, drop, and make some 🔥

Saves CPU power

Using one-shots instead of CPU-heavy VST plugins will give your computer the room it needs to breathe and use that processing power where you need it most. This is because one-shots are very short, low in size, audio samples. For example, a synth one-shot is only about 1.29mb. Which is practically nothing when it comes to CPU power and storage in your hard drive.

Royalty free / no clearing samples

ALL of my 1001 one-shots, MIDI, and samples are ALWAYS 100% Royalty free. No need to clear any samples. No need for split sheets. Just cook up, release your music and collect 100% of your revenue!

5 Exclusive bonuses 

included for free

Bonus #1

$67 value

250 Royalty Free MIDIs

Drag & Drop placement ready melodies and hi hat patterns instantly into your piano roll with our Royalty Free Melody and Hi Hat midi files.

MIDI 01 - New York

MIDI 02 - Los Angeles

MIDI 03 - Miami

MIDI 04 - Las Vegas

Bonus #2

$97 value

Melody Creation Mini Course

Learn the pro melody techniques nobody shows you!

In this Melody Creation Course, you will get a behind the scenes look into industry quality melodies created by Larry Ohh in FL Studio.Created in FL Studio, but great for any DAW user!

Bonus #3

$97 value

Mixing & Mastering Mini Course

Mix and Master like a professional!

In this mixing and mastering course, you will be a fly on the wall as I show all of my mixing techniques that I've learned over the last 18 years in the music business.Made in FL Studio but perfect for ANY DAW!

Bonus #4

$27 value

DAW Shortcut Desktop & Background wallpapers

Keep your DAW's shortcuts on your desktop with our custom wallpapers!

Includes the following wallpapers for multiple aspect ratios and screen resolutions:

- FL Studio (Windows & Mac)
- Ableton Live (Windows & Mac)
- Logic Pro X (Mac)
- Pro Tools (Mac)

No need to check the owners manual.
No need to search the internet for your shortcuts.

Simply drag and drop your wallpapers onto your desktop!

Bonus #5

$27 value

100 Audio Mixing & Music Production Tips

Kick back and read my top 100 Audio mixing and productions tips in this extremely detailed ebook.

It took me over 18 years to learn these techniques and tricks.I'm giving them to you in an easy to read PDF Ebook!